How connected objects will impact on our everyday life
May 31

How connected objects will impact on our everyday life

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The impact of connected objects on our lives

Connected objects represent a step further in our use of information and communication technology. They are everyday objects that when linked to the Internet take on new features and possibilities. In the area of health, for example, these devices have the ability to generate and store useful data allowing for medical follow-ups, the establishment of treatment protocols such as special diets, or provide an alert if data suddenly changes and interventions are needed. The list of devices and their applications are potentially endless. The status of this new phenomenon could exceed all expectations with connected objects creating a new universe commonly referred to as the IoT or Internet of Things.

The IoT - data storage and use

To function, connected objects rely on many technologies. Data transmissions are made through WiFi connections, GSM networks, or even Bluetooth. For this to happen devices have to be connected in some way to a Smartphone or similar Internet interface. Computer scientists, however, are looking more and more at the development of independent networks dedicated solely to the Internet of Things. Beyond the technical aspects, another challenge has arisen in the development of the Internet of Things - where to store and how to use the data collected. For that, the future potential is huge. Some firms, for example, are working on developing a refrigerator that analyzes its users' tastes enabling it to generate a shopping list and forward it to a supermarket.

The future of urban planning

The application of connected objects is not confined to individuals. They can also be of value to service providers, industries, and governments. Connected objects have the ability to completely revolutionize the way a city is organized. Sensors for monitoring air quality can potentially trigger predetermined procedures that kick in when pollution limits are exceeded. Urban planning, transport systems, and waste collection and management can also rely on collected data, allowing for changes in established plans while creating flexible organizational structures. This allows them to improve their capabilities, being able to adapt seamlessly to the needs of residents, retail outlets, and businesses.

These technological developments will necessarily lead to changes in the lives of individuals. Not only will this be in the way people relate to new technological tools but the Internet of Things is likely to fundamentally change the way humans live. At the moment, these changes are taking place gradually (for example, the Apple Watch or Google Glass) but this change is expected to accelerate rapidly in the future. The Internet of Things seems set to begin a total transformation of society.

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