Bouygues Télécom expands its IoT range with Objenious
May 18

Bouygues Télécom expands its IoT range with Objenious

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Objenious develops its marketing strategy for the IoT

Objenious, an affiliate of Bouygues Telecom, was launched in 2016, as a specialist in the field of IoT, or the Internet of Things. This connected communication structure is dedicated to linking objects using long range protocols (LoRa) and is now being used in numerous ways, such as the geographic location of everyday items (like keys, luggage, and wallets, etc.), the monitoring of valuable objects or environments, and the detection of intruders.

New marketing ideas from Objenious

Objenious wants to play a key role in the IoT market, hoping to use its unrivaled ingenuity as a means of standing out and attracting new customers. It's notable that this subsidiary is putting together innovative new business ideas and deals for companies to benefit from. Its first offering, called Data Access, promotes easy access to the network and is able to manage parked objects. Relying on Big Data technology for storage and control of its databases, Data Access ensures that collected information is transferred securely. Its second product, known as Data Vision, is able to visualize and analyze the data produced by objects, giving customized views and advanced features such as the ability to sense temperature, vibration or movement.

Connectivity across the Atlantic

At present, the Bouygues LoRa network is operative across 32 major cities. The ambition of Objenious, however, is that by the end of 2016 they will have 4000 antennae installed with the objective of providing good outdoors, inside and deep indoors coverage across almost all of the territory. This Bouygues subsidiary has also signed a roaming agreement with the US company, LoRa Senet, allowing it to spread its network across the Atlantic to include Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Specifically, this partnership enables the clients of both companies to benefit from connectivity both to and from the USA.

With twenty collaborators, including SNCF, Colas (road specialists), and Primagaz, Objenious is continuing its path of high-speed development. However, this small branch in the field of IoT, might find it hard to cope with increasing competition. Between Orange, which is also relying on LoRa protocol to deploy its network, and SFR, which has partnered with the start-up company, Toulouse SigFox, this Bouygues subsidiary dedicated to the Internet of Things, will have to redouble its efforts to reach its full customer potential.

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