Connected Objects and Business
June 28

Connected Objects and Business

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How the Internet of Things is revolutionizing the business world

The Internet of Things or IoT is at a stage in its development where it is beginning to have leverage on key points in economic growth, as well as being in a position to revolutionize the productivity of companies around the globe. For example, virtual reality glasses or portable cameras connected through bracelets and similar objects designed for professionals to use are becoming more widely available on the market and creating a real source of opportunity and innovation for businesses to tap into.

Connected objects and IoT in the medical world

Health care providers and medical professionals are able to use connected objects designed to gather vital information about patient health in real time. Health trackers that are remotely controlled deliver statistics and patient information, allowing for easy home hospitalization and treatment. This frees up hospital space and beds leading to significant reductions in the cost of health provision.

Helping retail customers to a better experience

Connected objects also provide worthwhile solutions for improving the productivity of companies specializing in the fields of communication, retail, and marketing. Beacon technology, which is commonly delivered through smartphones, credit cards or transport monitors, has strong benefits for consumers, workers, and employers. Technologies that use this Bluetooth protocol are able to improve consumer experience by observing customer movement in stores and alerting a warning system to enlist the help of staff when they are needed.

The world of manufacturing and connected objects

Finally, the Internet of Things also offers multiple opportunities within the industrial sector. Intelligent, autonomous sensors that are connected to manufacturing and production machinery can deliver specific information that allows maintenance technicians to continuously and actively monitor how machines are performing. Faulty mechanisms that require servicing can be identified and the availability of replacement parts checked ensuring that loss of production is kept to an absolute minimum. In short, the proven value of these technologies for business is very real. By making use of the data generated by connected devices, companies are able to significantly improve the quality of their services, optimize their operational performance and most importantly, make substantial long-term savings that are of benefit to everybody.

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