Our business services

The connected objects technologies can meet your needs on numerous applications:

- Environmental projects (detection of avalanche, seismic probe…)
- Industrial applications (fire sensors for factories…)
- Weather applications (temperature probe, humidity probe…)
- Smart Cities solutions (water quality control, waste management, connected electricity meters…)

For all projects you have, we support you on the best solution for your business!





Did you know? We are a member of the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group).

Our activity fields are:

  • Technological consulting
    writing assistance for specifications, technical choice, functional analysis, technical research
  • Delegated project management
    project monitoring, POC (Proof Of Concept), audit project, support up to the final recipe
  • Software programming
    custom-made development of embedded software
  • Hosting
    cloud computing solution, management for remote access rules, data mining
  • Support and maintenance
    maintain, repair, and operations, real-time control of the breakdowns, alert management